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Nova Camerata

The Nova Camerata is a chamber string ensemble which formed in 2001 to perform at the 10th anniversary concert of the Nova Youth Orchestra Association.

The Nova Camerata is comprised of players who grew up as members of the community based NYO, which provided them with a rich musical environment and opportunities to perform locally and internationally. Among the players are friends and tutors of the orchestra, willing to give their time to commit to performances. There are players who have mapped out wonderful individual careers. Some have gone on to become or are studying to become professional musicians while others, who are gifted players nonetheless, have pursued different careers outside the musical world.

All the players have a passion for their music and hope to inspire the younger players who are progressing through the Nova Youth Orchestra, showing them what can be achieved through hard work and commitment to their music.

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Rehearsal time

Saturday 3:30pm during school terms

Rehearsal venue

Sydney Grammer School
St Ives Preparatory School
Ayers Road, St Ives

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